2 Year Old Assessment and Portfolio
2 Year Old Assessment and Portfolio
2 Year Old Assessment and Portfolio
2 Year Old Assessment and Portfolio

    2 Year Old Assessment and Portfolio

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    Looking for a two year old assessment and portfolio pack that gives you everything you need? Look no further!

    This assessment checklist with a portfolio component can help you gain insight into where your youngest learners are at with early learning goals.

    This Assessment and Portfolio packet was make for children 2 years of age. The assessment pieces were designed to be used 3 times a year.

    Included in this Packet:

    -In depth instructions

    -Assessment Recording Sheet

    -Parent Report

    -Parent Letter

    -Portfolio title pages (color or black and white)

    -Assessment printables needed to assess

    -Portfolio Documents



    -Enjoys looking at books

    -Finds own activities to play

    -Completes puzzles with large knobbed pieces

    -Imitates adults and children

    -Begins to notice both safe and unsafe environments

    -Refers to self by name

    -Understands the idea of taking turns with others

    -Stacks 3 stacking cups by size

    -Draws a face (no arms/legs)

    -Engages in pretend play

    -Names at least one color

    -Matches identical pictures

    -Understands the meaning of 2

    -Understands concepts: big/little, hot/cold, wet/dry

    -Names a circle or square

    -Groups things by color


    -Follows 2 step directions

    -Names 8 pictures

    -Uses 4 word sentences

    -Has 200+ word vocabulary

    -Uses verbs

    -Uses pronouns

    -Uses past tense

    -Asks 'W' questions

    -Uses 2 prepositions

    -Answers questions

    -Sings parts of songs


    -Catches a large ball

    -Throws a ball forward 2 feet

    -Walks on tip toes

    -Clap to beat of music

    -Balances on 1 foot

    -Builds tower of 6 cubes

    -Jumps up

    -Walks up and down stairs alternating feet

    -Uses pincer grasp when gripping crayon

    -Screws and Unsscrews lids

    -Imitates a vertical line

    -Snips with scissors

    -Strings 5 large beads

    -Tears paper


    -Uses words 'me' or 'mine'

    -Follows 3-5 simple rules

    -Wash/Dry own hands

    -Brushes teeth with help

    -Undresses/dresses with help

    -Expresses emotions with words

    -Takes turn (with guidance)

    -Helps clean up toys

    -Identifies gender

    **Editable: Add your own testing periods and dates for the portfolio cover!


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    Assessment & Portfolio
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    Reviews from TpT
    "Using this with my students, i have found this to be very helpful and the most at ease of the evaluations i have come across for them. The kids were able to do the evaluations without any issues or confusion."
    "I will be using this in my classroom this coming year. I am excited to use this assessment to help me know where children are and how to plan for what they are missing. I feel this will be very helpful to show families that their child is learning what they need in a play based classroom."
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