Three Year Old Assessment and Portfolio
Three Year Old Assessment and Portfolio
Three Year Old Assessment and Portfolio
Three Year Old Assessment and Portfolio

    Three Year Old Assessment and Portfolio

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    Looking for a three year old assessment and portfolio pack that gives you everything you need? Look no further!

    By assessing our 3 year old children, we find out what they know, which helps us guide and plan experiences to further their development. Assessment practices might look a little different with our younger students, but it's an important practice for educators. This assessment and portfolio checklist will help you do just that.

    This Assessment and Portfolio packet was make for children three years of age. The assessment pieces were designed to be used 3 times a year.

    Included in this Packet:

    -In depth instructions

    -Assessment Recording Sheet

    -Parent Report

    -Parent Letter

    -Portfolio title pages (color or black and white)

    -Assessment printables needed to assess

    -Portfolio Documents



    -Count to 10 Orally

    -Counts 6 items

    -1-1 Correspondence

    -Completes 6 piece jigsaw puzzle

    -Objects that don't belong

    -Replicate simple patterns

    -Groups related objects

    -Names familiar colors

    -Matches familiar shapes

    -Places object to outline

    -Draw a face with stick arms and legs

    -Identify opposites

    -Associates use with common objects

    -Sequence 3 events

    -Remember objects missing from a set

    -Understand the use of past and future

    -Understands concepts: hard/soft, full/empty, near/far


    -Tells a simple story

    -State name and age

    -Uses 5-6 word sentences

    Has 250-500 word vocabulary

    -Uses plural forms of words

    -Uses pronouns correctly

    -Sings familiar songs

    -Describe what is happening in a picture

    -Follow multi-step directions

    -Answers questions with a complete thought

    -Names articles of clothing

    -Identifies loud and soft sounds


    -Throw at target from 4-6 feet

    -Catch ball thrown 5+ feeet

    -Kick a medium sized ball

    -Clap to beat of music

    -Walk on tip toes

    -Balances on balance beam

    -Hop on 1 foot 3 times

    -Ride a tricycle

    -Build 6 block tower

    -Glue items to a collage

    -Screw & Unscrew

    -Grips crayon with fingers

    -Imitates a circle

    -Makes ball & snakes with clay

    -Laces following sequential holes

    -Use scissors to cut a line


    -Names 6+ body parts

    -Identify and label feelings

    -Identify how people are alike and different

    -Put on & take off coat

    -Cleans up messes/puts toys away

    -Understands rules in class and at home

    -Plays with others within group setting

    -Compromises with others at times

    -Developing knowledge of 5 senses

    *Add your own testing periods and dates for the portfolio cover!

    *Please respect my time and creativity. This packet is NOT for resell nor is to be shared.

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    Assessment & Portfolio
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    Reviews from TpT
    "Using this with my students, i have found this to be very helpful and the most at ease of the evaluations i have come across for them. The kids were able to do the evaluations without any issues or confusion."
    "I will be using this in my classroom this coming year. I am excited to use this assessment to help me know where children are and how to plan for what they are missing. I feel this will be very helpful to show families that their child is learning what they need in a play based classroom."
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