Clipboard Surveys- Winter
Clipboard Surveys- Winter
Clipboard Surveys- Winter
Clipboard Surveys- Winter

    Clipboard Surveys- Winter

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    Clipboard Surveys- a great way to bring math into your circle time activities!

    Why add surveys to your daily routine? Many skills go into survey taking including asking questions to gain information, sorting and charting data, presenting and comparing findings and making assumptions based on data.

    If those skills sound important to you and your students, read more to learn about this set of Clipboard Surveys.


    24 black and white surveys

    Themed around WINTER: winter activities and friendship themes

    Includes 3 types of surveys: yes and no questions, questions with 3 choice answers and questions with 4 choice answers.


    To use the Clipboard Surveys, first choose a survey and place it on a clipboard. Choose one student from the class to be the Survey Taker. This person will ask each student in the class the question on today's survey and record their answer. Each survey contains pictures making it easier for non readers. During circle time the survey reporter will share their results with the class. This is a great time to talk about comparison words (more, less, least, fewer, ect).

    This survey set was made to print in black and white. Please note: use crayons to color in any options on the survey that require color. Surveys can be used one-time and then clipped together to make a classbook. Or, surveys can be laminated to use over and over again.


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