Preschool Small Group: Sorting
Preschool Small Group: Sorting
Preschool Small Group: Sorting
Preschool Small Group: Sorting

    Preschool Small Group: Sorting

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    Let's get SORTING!

    This Small Group Lesson Plan set uses games and hands-on fun to encourage skill learning. 10 lesson plans are included, along with all the printables you need to create the games.

    10 Lessons:

    1. Pom Pom Sorting

    2. Color Sorting

    3. Hard & Soft Sort

    4. Pasta Sort

    5. Shape Sorting

    6. Clipart Category Sort

    7. Pom Pom Size Sort

    8. Habitat Sort

    9. Size Sort

    10. Coin Sort

    Also included:

    -small group suggestions

    -organization ideas

    -small group log of notes

    -binder and file folder labels


    Total Pages

    50 pages
    Answer Key
    Teaching Duration
    Small Group Lesson Plan
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    Ages: 3-6
    File Type: PDF or ZIP
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    Reviews from TpT
    "This was a phenomenal resource bundle. There were so many engaging activities to support the student's learning throughout the school year. Everything was extremely well organized including specific directions for each activity and a small group observation log. The activities were so playful and creative and really helped support the ongoing learning in the classroom. I would recommend this for any early childhood/preschool educator."
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