Classroom Management Bundle for Preschool
Classroom Management Bundle for Preschool
Classroom Management Bundle for Preschool
Classroom Management Bundle for Preschool

    Classroom Management Bundle for Preschool

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      Preschool teachers deal with a lot of student behaviors. These behaviors leave us feeling exhausted and just wanting to teach! This Classroom Management Bundle gives you the tools to help you ditch behavior charts and rewards, all while kissing common behavior problems goodbye - giving you back the joy that lead you to teaching in the first place!


      Classroom Management Training E-Book Included!

      Just giving you the tools, isn't going to help you transform your mindset around classroom management. That is why I have included a free e-book that walks you through all the parts you need in place to become a classroom management ninja (without all those systems, charts and programs).

      An option to watch the trainings via video is included.


      Tools Included:

      • Procedure Cards: Teach common routines in your classroom with visuals. Save your voice and help your littles become more independent.
      • Classroom Jobs: Build a classroom community where everyone contributes to the classroom everyday. Yep, a job for every student everyday is not only possible but totally worth it.
      • Visual Schedule Cards: Create stability and encourage that feeling of safety for your students by using and teaching your schedule in a visual format.
      • Rules & Expectation Posters: Don't let your rules posters just hang on the wall! Use them as a way to help children understand the why behind what we ask them to do (in a visual, kid-friendly way)
      • Social Emotional Learning Bundle: Teach social-emotional skills in a pro-active manner. While teaching in the moment is super powerful, we can also teach social emotional skills in a group setting. This gives the class the same language and shared experiences that can be drawn on when those social skills are needed in the moment.
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      Resource Details:
      Ages: 3-6
      File Type: PDF or ZIP
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