Play-Based Preschool Assessments & Portfolio Checklist
Play-Based Preschool Assessments & Portfolio Checklist
Play-Based Preschool Assessments & Portfolio Checklist
Play-Based Preschool Assessments & Portfolio Checklist

    Play-Based Preschool Assessments & Portfolio Checklist

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    Have you been un-happy with your current assessment and portfolio system?

     Looking for an easy to use, quality assessment with a DIGITAL option?

    The search is over. This newly updated assessment and portfolio system has an option for both print and digital assessment forms AND portfolios!

    Plus - Since children learn best through play, the assessment tools in this system focus on game play, observations and activities to help you gain the information you need in a way that is natural and fun for preschoolers.


    • This Preschool Assessment and Portfolio packet was made for pre-k aged children (4 and 5 year olds).
    • This assessment correlates with the included Early Learning Goals.
    • This assessment system uses The Storybook Method for assessing to reduce teacher overwhelm and student testing fatigue (see the preview for more information).
    • With the digital option - you can edit the assessment form (add, delete and change testing items) using Google Sheets AND create your own digital student portfolios easily in Google Slides.


    See the Preview of this file for photos and details


    Included in this Packet:

    • -Print Easy Portfolio Document
    • -Early Learning Goals
    • -In depth instructions
    • -Reading Readiness checklist
    • -Developmental Writing Stages Form
    • -Data Recording Sheet
    • -Portfolio Cover Page
    • -1st and Last Day Portfolio Page




    -Letter Identification & Letter Sounds

    -Locates own Name

    -Matches letters that are the same

    -Follows Oral Directions

    -Name Formation

    -Reads own name

    -Asks and Answers Questions

    -Engages in Conversations

    -Recognizes letters vs words

    -Recites the alphabet clearly

    -Has book handling skills

    -Claps syllables in words

    -Shows knowledge of rhyming words

    -Writing Stage (based on writing sample)


    -Counting by 1’s

    - 1 to 1 Correspondence

    -Identifies Numerals

    -Write some Numerals

    -Matches Quantity to Numeral

    -Draws to Represent Numbers

    -Subitizes up to 5

    -Orders objects by size



    -Positional Words

    -Identifies 2d Shapes


    -Pencil Grasp

    -Scissor Skills

    -Uses gross motor skills with purpose and coordinations


    -Shows interest in characteristics of living things

    -Shows interest in properties of earth and space

    -Explores and Experiments to investigate objects

    -Names Colors


    -Knowledge of Self (first name, last name, age & birthdate)

    -Approaches to Learning

    -shows curiosity

    -takes initiative

    -exhibits creativity

    -shows confidence

    -displays persistence

    -uses problem solving skills



    Is this assessment editable?

    Using the Google Sheets version of the assessment - YES

    Using the PDF printable version - NO

    How is this assessment play-based?

    Games and activities are used to assess students rather than flash cards or questioning.

    The teacher is able to observe what the child knows in relation to the skill when playing together.


    *Please respect my time and creativity. This packet is NOT for resell nor is to be shared.

    Assessment & Portfolio
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    Reviews from TpT
    "Using this with my students, i have found this to be very helpful and the most at ease of the evaluations i have come across for them. The kids were able to do the evaluations without any issues or confusion."
    "I will be using this in my classroom this coming year. I am excited to use this assessment to help me know where children are and how to plan for what they are missing. I feel this will be very helpful to show families that their child is learning what they need in a play based classroom."
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