Preschool Math Games
Preschool Math Games
Preschool Math Games
Preschool Math Games

    Preschool Math Games

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    Are you worried about helping your students learn concepts like counting with 1-1 correspondence, numeral recognition and number sense?

    Want to make it fun, but still focus on the math skills?

    GAMES are your answer!!!

    Children love games! Plus, the benefits go beyond learning math skills - students also practice turn taking, working with peers, manual dexterity and eye-hand coordination.

    In this Preschool Math Games pack you will get...

    -10 different types of Games

    1.Path Games

    2. Grid Games

    3. Number Line Games

    4. All Gone Games

    5. Race Games

    6. Cover Up Games

    7. Add One, Take One

    8. Collection Games

    9. Graph Games

    10. Tug-o-War Game

    *With some games having multiple game boards to choose from!

    There are 114 pages of game boards, dice and spinners.


    Total Pages
    127 pages
    Answer Key
    Teaching Duration
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    Resource Details:
    Ages: 3-6
    File Type: PDF or ZIP
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