Preschool Writing with the Creativity Journal
Preschool Writing with the Creativity Journal
Preschool Writing with the Creativity Journal
Preschool Writing with the Creativity Journal

    Preschool Writing with the Creativity Journal

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    Getting preschoolers interested in writing is not always an easy task. I wanted my young children to have more natural experiences with holding a writing utensil, but getting them to the writing center wasn't very easy.


    The creativity journal changed that. I provide students with an idea of something they could put on paper. It may be a shape, a line or a seasonal shape. The students take what shape/object I have drawn and do whatever they wish with it. It is a starting-off point. Some may color in the shape, duplicate the shape, make the shape into something else completely or try and copy the shape name.


    Students are able to remain in control of their writing, but are also given a starting place (which seems to be the frustration with early writers). No two pieces of writing are the same, even with the same starter idea given.


    Preschool Creativity Journal is a way to get kids writing and thinking creatively!


    Types of Journal Ideas:

    • Shapes
    • Lines
    • Seasonal
    • Stickers/Stamps
    • Rubbings
    • Drawing/Tracing items in our environment


    Three Journal Choices:

    1. A traditional composition notebook (not included)
    2. Loose Full-Page Journaling Pages
    3. Pre-Made Monthly Journals



    Detailed instructions

    Materials List

    Month-by-Month Prompt List

    8 shape prompts

    8 line prompts

    8 seasonal prompts

    8 sticker/stamp prompts

    8 rubbing prompts

    8 items from our environment prompts

    Monthly Journals (October-May)

    48 Full Page Recording Sheets




    Copyright Lovely Commotion Preschool Resources

    Total Pages
    116 pages
    Answer Key
    Teaching Duration
    1 Year
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    Ages: 3-6
    File Type: PDF or ZIP
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