Pretend Play Props- Garden Center
Pretend Play Props- Garden Center
Pretend Play Props- Garden Center

    Pretend Play Props- Garden Center

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    Pull up those gardening gloves and get pretending!

    Kids love pretending! Help facilitate this love, by adding some pretend play to your preschool classroom! Setting up a garden center doesn't have to take a ton of time. Especially when you have this Garden Center Pretend Prop pack. Get everything you need to get started now!


    One (2 page) inviting sign to help define your play space
    Tool Labels to help students put back the gardening tools when they are finished.
    Color Flower Labels- to help children sort artificial flowers by color
    Flower Order Forms (to encourage writing)
    Open/Close sign and Store Hours sign
    'Pay Here' and Flower price sign
    A teacher's guide to the materials needed to create a Pretend Gardening Center, along with recipe for making playdough 'dirt'.


    Total Pages
    17 pages
    Answer Key
    Teaching Duration
    Pretend Play Props
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    Ages: 3-6
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    Reviews from TpT
    "This is such a fun bundle, with endless possibilities. This promotes imagination and gives a good framework, and then it's fun to see what the kids come up with."
    "This has enhanced my dramatic play center so much! My kids look forward to seeing what they are going to get to play with and it was so easy to use! Thanks for helping me be a better teacher!"

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